Advice From Experts

Words And Wisdom From A Range Of Perspectives

expert bowman

“For every child, losing mother will be life-changing.
But it doesn’t have to be life-shattering.”

Barbara Bowman, M.A.

Early Childhood Development Expert

Chief of Early Childhood Education, Chicago Public Schools

Co-Founder, Erikson Institute

expert linthorst

“If you can do it, make videos, record your voice,
write some letters to your children to open in the
future. I so wish I had that, but I just don’t.”

Jennie Linthorst

LifeSpeaks Poetry, Founder and Therapist
Lost her mom at age 12

expert trozzi

“Make it very clear who your children can lean on,
and who can reassure all of you, and who knows
what your expectations are.”

Maria Trozzi, M. Ed

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Boston University
Author, Talking With Children About Loss

expert lyles

“Children absorb the news as much as they can, and
then they go play. They process for a while – then
they take a break.”

Mary Lyles, LCSW, Ph.D

Child Grief Therapist and Christian Counselor

Co-Founder and Director, Child Grief Education Assoc.

expert klein

“Sometimes younger kids have great wisdom in how to
comfort. You don’t want to deny them the opportunity
to comfort.”

Rabbi Zoe Klein

Senior Rabbi

Temple Isaiah, Los Angeles

expert nydegger

“As far as what your child can handle, you know
your child the best. Even with all that is happening,
you are the mother. Stay confident in your knowledge
of your child.”

Father Tom Nydegger, M. Div, Ed.D.

Associate Vice President

Seton Hall University

expert jensen-male

“ … you cannot hide that you are (sick or) dying from
your child. It empowers them to be a part of it, not to
be pushed away or left outside the door.”

Hanne Jensen-Male

Nurse & Case Manager

Zen Hospice Project of San Francisco